Massage Services & Prices

Integrated Deep Tissue Massage

30min $55.00

45 min $65.00

60 min $80.00

90 min $120.00

120 min $160.00

Deep tissue massage focuses on slowly warming up the muscle through several massage techniques. Typically with time, each massage stroke slowly deepens into the muscle allowing the muscle to release tension providing relief and a sense of relaxation. Trigger point work, Stretching, Muscle Energy Testing, Myofascial release work can all be expected. 

Swedish Massage

30 min $55.00

45 min $65.00

60 min $80.00

90 min $120.00

120 min $160.00

Allow yourself to enter a state of pure relaxation. The Swedish massage flow incorporates the entire body, bringing a sense of wholeness, clarity, and peace back into your world. If desired by the client a choice of essential oils can be used to unite balance. I also enjoy incorporating arm, and hip stretches if desired from the client, along with a little trigger point work depending on the goal of the session

CTB BODY WORK "Coaching the Body"

90 min $100.00

120 min $140.00

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Chair Massage

20 min $25

25 min $30

30 min $35

Feeling the need for a quick tune up? The chair massage session is ideal for the back, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands. Warming up the body and providing the wonderful benefits of massage and TLC!

Foot Massage

30 min $40.00

45 min $60.00

60 min $75.00

A foot massage is just as good as a whole body massage. Having the feet worked on can improve circulation, reduce tension, ease pain, and stimulate muscles. This is a session for you if you experience arthritis, plantar fasciitis , sore feet, or if you just want to relax. 

Foot Soak

30 min $30

60 min $60

Enjoy soaking your feet in our wonderful Copper bowls that are naturally designed to alleviate inflammation. Your feet will be wrapped with hot towels before you emerge them into a blend of organic oils to stimulate mind and body. During your soak you will have an infrared heating pad against your back or shoulders, and a hand massage will be applied, followed by a foot and leg massage. 

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45 min $65.00

60 min $80.00

Reiki is an ancient energy balancing technique that clears the chakras and promotes a balanced flow of energy through the body. Pure Universal Life Force Energy is channeled through the Reiki Practitioner, giving the client access to a healing flow of pure intelligent energy. Reiki promotes well being, relaxation, aids in recovery times and much more. Allow the universal healing power of Reiki to make the energetic adjustments needed to support all healing phases.

House Calls

60 min $110

90 min $150.00

120 min $190.00

Depending on location fee may be adjusted. Payment can be taken in form of Cash, Check, Card, Venmo

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Out call appointments need to be booked for a minimum of 1 hour. 

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