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Woodland Massage

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Keeping life moving

Massage Therapy is a fine art all on its own.

Massage is best known to relax the mind, body, and spirit. Through the healing touch of the practitioner, one might feel a sense of peace, tranquility, and an increase of body awareness. Not only can Massage Therapy be relaxing but it can provide pain relief, and decrease chronic discomfort. The benefits of a massage can carry on and may be unique to any individual. 

What to Expect?

 Massage Therapy focuses on the bodies main muscle groups. When arriving to the session the Massage Therapist will do a brief intake on asking the client how they are feeling that day, and what they would like to have focused on. After some discussion, the massage therapist will step out of the room so the client will get comfortable on the massage table. The client will be completely under the covers that are provided on the table. Depending on the clients preference they can get fully uncovered, or leave their under garments on, nothing that is private will be exposed as they are under the covers and proper draping will be practiced for the session. I can however do modified work through clothing if that is preferred from the client. This is a professional NY state license massage practice

My Style: 

I really enjoy providing a flowing massage. However, I love to incorporate many different massage techniques such as gentle stretching, modified cupping, trigger point work, rocking, incorporating joint range of motion, and sometimes energy work if wanted. All of these things might not go into one session, it's really what I feel may work best at the time. I enjoy listening to your needs and from there we can customize the session. If this is your first session try not to get to stuck on what style of massage to chose from, when we chat  before the session we can always customize the massage to your needs. 

Time slots:

If you are hoping to get a full body massage I would suggest an hour. If you do not have too much specific work that is needed forty-five minutes can work for a fully body as well. Thirty minute sessions are wonderful if you just need specific work such as shoulders, back, feet, legs etc. these are great "tune up" sessions. Seventy-five and ninety minutes are practical if you have more then three focuses you like to attend to, or if you just want a good time to fully relax.

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