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  Massage Therapy & Inner Medicine

Woodland Massage   

Soaking with Nature

Offering three different styles of soaks on the menu that support common complaints that may just help you get that skip back in your step again!

Circulation with Rose ~ Recovery with Lavender  ~ Detox with Marigold 

What is a foot soak?

If you could give back to your body, starting with the feet is a good choice. Foot soaks are all about taking a time out by soaking your feet in a large silver hammered bowl filled with warm water, rocks, natural salts, oils, and essential oils, with much added pampering before and after with hot towels, heating pads, and a soothing foot, leg, and hand massage.

Slots & Prices

 30 minute Soak & Massage $40.00

45 minute Soak & Massage $55.00

60 minute Foot Soak Plus Head, neck and shoulder massage $80.00

** When booking online Foot Soak is located under Category SPA

If booking for two people please contact me. 


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