The Sole Sanctuary  

Soaking with Nature

Stop in and be surrounded by the verity of plants and natural light, while soaking your feet in one of our signature soaks. Our menu offers soaks that support common complaints that may just help you get that skip back in your step again!

What is a foot soak?

If you could give back to your body, starting with the feet is a good choice. Foot soaks are all about taking a time out by soaking your feet in a large copper bowl filled with natural salts, oils, and essential oils, with much added pampering before and after with hot towels, heating pads, and a soothing foot massage.

The benefits of copper

Why Copper bowls?  Besides the beauty of copper, it also brings along many benefits. Copper is naturally an antimicrobial, having the ability to kill off bacteria. It was very popular in Egypt for water to be filtered through copper to provide safe drinking water. The elemental structure of copper works with strengthening the immune system, along with reducing arthritis, headaches, and joint pain.

Slots & Prices

 30 minute Soak & Massage $30.00

60 minute Soak & Massage $60.00

** When booking online Foot Soak is located under Category SPA