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Five mindful ways to connect back to your inner gifts

Every single person on this world has been provided with our own little spark, and i'm not sure if that spark is often lit enough within everyone. Our modern day methods often bring our minds outside of ourselves to focus on everyone else's tallent's or gifts, never truly acknowledging our own. Today, and this coming year I hope you can be with yourself more, uncover those gifts, and let them sparkle. 

When you find them, don't brush them off as something small. Cherish them, for they are yours. Let them be expressed within your life. You may just find that there is more joy to be had. 

Tip Number One:

Close your eyes and think of the activities that you use to love doing when you were a kid. Was there anything that you did that made you feel special when doing? Are you still doing any of those activities? If you're not doing some of them, what are the reasons for that? Can these activities be adjusted to meet your needs again?

Tip Number Two:

Awaken that inner child. Pick an activity that you use to do and may no longer do enough of it, and begin to schedule at least a day out of the month to play again.

Tip Number Three: Set a timer for five minutes. Close your eyes, place one hand over your heart, and the other one just below your navel. Ask yourself, what excites you in life? What pleasures you? What brings you joy? What makes you stop and smile? Deeply listen to your body. If this is an area that has not been acknowledged in a while, I invite you to spend more time with this practice, to connect and listen everyday until something eventually rises. Take note of what comes up, and see how you can begin to incorporate more of these things into your life.

Tip Number Four: Honoring your gifts. Remember all those compliments you received once before when you were shinning your best, and you may have just tossed to the side? It's time to invite them in!! Acknowledge your gifts! No gift is too big or too small. It's simply just right for you, as it is uniquely yours. Spend time with yourself and what you offer to this would and GIVE THANKS to yourself, to your body, to your mind for providing all that you do.

Tip Number Five: Acknowledge your gifts daily with gratitude, and realize other peoples gifts daily with a new eye. We don't need to judge, and we don't need to compare. Let's celebrate ourselves, make space for others to be seen and heard, and we can become inspired.

Love & Light,


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