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Spring Special

The Lower Back Package: I will be offering a package deal for clients who are having lower back discomfort from muscular tension.  I am taking another extended course on releasing the Illiopsoas muscle that can be known to cause lower back pain. The lower back muscles and hip flexors will also be worked on. This package will offer three one hour sessions for $195.00. If you would like more detail on this package please contact me. This offer will be available starting March 24th and expires by May 31st.

Spring ahead Heart Forward. 

This will be an hour session working on clearing the mind and opening the heart center. Massage for the head, neck, and shoulders will be done and energy points will be stimulated. Reiki will be done around the heart center to remove any energy blocks or stagnation. If your looking for some inner clarity, or wanting to move forward with more hope in your heart this is a session for you. This special runs for $80.00

Foot Sanctuary 

It's time to put those feet up..

Bring yourself, a partner, a friend, or a group of people for an afternoon or evening social. I can accompany up to 6 people, two people  can soak at a time in our beautiful copper bowls while receiving a foot massage. Please call or email me if you intend on bringing a group or someone along.  

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